What We Are

GrenStart is a community for entrepreneurs in Grenada, along with the diaspora, to inspire, support, and mentor each other in order to take their projects from idea to market.

This means we are building a startup ecosystem from the ground-up, specially tailored for the local culture. We’ve looked at what it takes to accomplish this from examples around the world and what is necessary to implement one in Grenada, taking into consideration the people and lifestyle.

Grenada offers amenities individuals and companies look for when building a startup. These include a great cost of living, excellent infrastructure, lovely people, close proximity to larger markets, and great weather year round.

Why Do This

We founded GrenStart after accessing the current state on entrepreneurship in Grenada after realizing the access to mentors was lacking. Mentorship is an invaluable asset to any entrepreneur no matter what industry they are in. Being able to get answers to the tough questions and draw on the experience of someone who’s walked in your shoes can significantly improve one’s chance of success.

Grenada is a country of immense potential and paired with the right mentors, partners, and financing can lead to amazing results. With a high youth unemployment rate and very limited resources, promoting entrepreneurship allows those with excellent ideas and drive to get creative while taking matters into their hands.

How We Work

GrenStart offers one-to-one mentoring to entrepreneurs where we work very closely with them to validate, plan, and execute on their ideas.

We know from experience that working in a silo can be very lonely and stressful. Having access to a network of like-minded individuals you can go to when you have a problem, need support, or bounce ideas off of, can be invaluable in our journey.

We also help entrepreneurs meet one another. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we work hard but also play hard. Every Friday we have a GrenStart Social on the Carenage where entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be, can gather. The goal is to get everyone talking, sharing ideas, what they’ve learned, crafting solutions to problems, and collaborating. In addition, we also host regularly planned events throughout the year to foster that startup ecosystem.

Don’t Take The Journey Alone.